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Welcome to the Department of Language and Communication Sciences! The Department is under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS) in the Faculty of Social Sciences (FOSS).

The Department runs six academic programmes namely: Akan Language and Culture, Chinese Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, Linguistics, Spanish Language and Culture, and Media and Communication Studies. All the programmes are fully accredited with the exception of Spanish Language and Culture, which is in the process of obtaining full accreditation. We award B.A, MPhil and Ph.D Degrees.

Language and Communication Sciences has a team of scholars who all share a passion for human language in its various facets. All the lecturers foster inclusive diversity as a powerful resource through the study of Linguistics and Media & Communication. There are various associations and clubs that help to foster the effective networking and platforms that enhance smooth teaching and learning of language. Research is keen and mentoring is encouraged in the Department via Colloquiums, Lecturer-Postgraduate Seminars and Symposiums.

The Department has short courses in language proficiency for all and sundry dubbed ‘Language for all’ starting from the 2023/2024 academic year. The short courses would be taken at weekends for six to twelve weeks. They are Akan for foreigners who have both short and long stay in Kumasi and its environs, French, Chinese and Spanish for language enthusiasts and for international travels. The short courses have Beginners stage, Intermediate stage and Advanced stage for all ages. The Department also engages in workshops on Effective Communication for Professional workers. Plans are underway in the near future to include Pidgin in the short course programmes in order to help the Ghanaian youth who have low educational backgrounds to unlock their potentials via language use in areas such as comedy shows, sports commentary, theatre studies, etc.

Academic sessions are rigorous yet, they are be filled with funfairs through the ‘Language and Communication Week’, LINGSA Week, MECSA Week, Chinese Club, Spanish Club, etc. There would be ‘Town-hall Meetings’ at all levels, and these meetings provide interface between lecturers and students on various academic and social issues.

Feel free to check our Homepage for more updates.

Thank you!

Dr. (Mrs.) Faleke, Victoria Ogunnike