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Freshers undergo orientation programme

Submitted by dnkrumah on Thu, 02/15/2024 - 06:03
Freshers at the Orientation Programme

The Department of Language and Communication Sciences of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi has held an orientation for newly admitted students into the Department for the 2023/ 2024 academic year.

The orientation, which was held on Friday, 12th January 2024 at the Faculty of Social Sciences Auditorium aims to acquaint students with departmental operations, offering essential details, directions, and specific rules pertinent to their academic journey.

The Head of the Department, Dr. (Mrs.) Faleke expressed congratulated the incoming students, emphasizing that they have chosen the right path for their academic pursuits, and underscored the pivotal role of language in facilitating human interaction, she highlighted its significance as a fundamental tool in our interconnected world.

Dr. (Mrs.) Faleke took the opportunity to introduce the freshmen to the diverse range of programs offered by the Department, showcasing the rich array of academic and extracurricular opportunities available to students. The Department of Languages comprises four distinct units: Akan and Culture, French and Francophone Studies, Linguistics, and Media and Communication Studies.

Notably, it focuses on four languages of global importance: Akan, French, Chinese, and Spanish. She encouraged the students to embrace dedication and commitment to fully benefit from the exceptional educational offerings that KNUST provides.

By doing so, she emphasized, they will be well-equipped to actualize their dreams and aspirations. During the orientation, presentations were made by some of the unit lecturers for the various programs within the department.

A lecturer specializing in Media and Communication Studies, Dr. Daniel Nkrumah, articulated the overarching objectives of our program, which are strategically aligned with the cultivation of proficient communicators specializing in Public Relations, Journalism, and Advertising. Dr. Nkrumah underscored the program’s versatility, stressing that irrespective of the chosen specialization, graduates will possess the skills requisite for effective operation in diverse professional domains.

In addressing the incoming cohort of freshmen, Dr. Nkrumah offered counseled students to be diligent and develop essential competencies in news writing and reporting, interviews, and public speaking. He further stressed the importance of maintaining a keen awareness of the dynamic media landscape, encouraging students to immerse themselves in ongoing developments to foster a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

This strategic approach, he noted would undoubtedly equip students with a nuanced and adaptive skill set essential for success in the ever-evolving field of media and communication. A lecturer in Akan Language and Culture, Mr. George Nana Appiah, encouraged them to learn the course with passion and advised them not to be discouraged.

According to him, ‘‘nowadays people do not see the value and job opportunities associated with the Akan Language and Culture course. One of my students who read BA Akan is now working with a reputable company in Amsterdam” he noted.

A lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, Dr. Micheal Damoah, stated that the course aims to equip students not only with linguistics skills but also a profound understanding of the Francophone world. He encouraged them not to be lackadaisical in their studies but rather start preparation and engage their various Teaching assistants within the department for the necessary assistance.

Dr. Melvin Nartey, in his presentation, stated that the Chinese course is an interesting one filled with knowledge and advised them to study hard and get good grades. He urged them to contact the office whenever they encounter challenges in studying the Chinese language.

A unit lecturer for Linguistics, Dr Solace Yankson, welcomed them to the world of linguistics and encouraged the students to work hard to be able to get the best out of it. She entreated them to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of linguistics and explore its connection with psychology to discover the intricate web of relationships that exist between language and the various aspects of human experience.

A Spanish lecturer at the Department, Dr. Nuria Oterio, said the Spanish course which was introduced about a year ago has improved in terms of student numbers. She, therefore, encouraged the new students to be enthusiastic and get ready for an exciting academic journey.

A motivational speech was delivered by a lecturer from the Department of Marketing at the KNUST School of Business, Professor Bylon Bamfo. He charged the freshmen to work hard and have a plan for their academic journey at KNUST.

He stressed that they should not just acquire the certificate but rather set goals for themselves, have strategies, plan their studies, and build the required passion and knowledge for their respective courses.