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Maison Française de KNUST

Mélanie DURMAN

 Mélanie DURMAN was born and bred in Paris but later grew up in Grenoble. She a has Bachelor's degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in Didactics in French as a Foreign Language. She has been a journalist working with radio channels, websites and magazines. She has been a teacher and an immigrant consultant voluntarily in a university at Grenoble.

She believes in the values of honesty, trust, equality, benevolence and team work. She's ambitious about becoming a French lecturer and helping to promote the French language and culture.

Her vision is to make the Maison Française, a home for everyone who loves French and to make it a center where almost all answers about French Higher Education, can be found.


She looks forward to promoting partnership with various universities as well as collaborate with the Department to find scholarships for students. Apart from helping Ghanaians get French Higher Education, Mélanie hopes to convince Francophones to study in Ghana.

Working with Campus France, KNUST, is a personal project she is embarking on to help her promote the French Language in Ghana.

She loves writing too and is currently working on a novel.